Blue Plaid and Denim Tote

blue plaid and denim tote

This bag was going to be a plain plaid bag. But the addition of the denim, to reinforce the bottom and to make a pocket, along with the braided trim gave the blue tote bag more character.

I really like the blue plaid fabric and will be sad when it is all used up as I have no source for more of it. The weight of the fabric is similar to a lightweight canvas. It is the same fabric used for the crutches bag. The denim is left over from a pair jeans that I used to make a small project tote bag. And the wonderful braided trim is from my grandmother’s stash of trims that my mother gave me many years ago.

It would have been a rather plain bag without the denim and trim.


Project Totebag

project tote bag outside

project tote bag outside

This small tote bag was made from an old pair of patched and torn jeans that were too far gone to wear, but still had enough good fabric left in them that it seemed like a waste to throw them away.

Whether waiting at a doctor’s office, visiting with a friend or waiting for my son while he is in a class, I prefer to have a project to work on. I needed a small tote bag that would fit the little plastic snap lock containers that I use for portable projects. The durable denim with its faded character was ideal for the bag. Plus, I did not have to worry about fabric prewashing or shrinkage as the pants have been washed many times and were freshly laundered before being rejected for continued wearing.

project tote bag inside

project tote bag inside

A crisp blue and white cotton braided binding added the perfect finishing touch to the handles and the top hem. A variegated blue cotton thread was used for construction and topstitching to go with the faded denim.

My grandmother had a saying for almost every situation. When she wanted to convey to her grandchildren the importance of not being wasteful, she would quote, “Use it up, wear it out, make it over or do without”. Well, this pair of jeans got worn out and made over. There are a few scraps left that will probably make their way into another project. I believe my grandmother would be pleased with the thriftiness and with the end product.