A Couple More Temari and a Hybrid Too

temari 25

The red temari was supposed to a Christmas mari, but it did morphed into its own thing. I will still have another go at a mari with traditional Christmas colors of red and green. I’m thinking that the same design of interlocking triangles combined with green marking lines instead of silver with the addition of a few lines to make pine needles and something inside the triangle space (not sure yet) would make a fine Christmas ornament.

temari 19 view 1

Purple is a friend’s favorite color. This was a thank you gift for his patient help.

kimekome & temari hybrid 4 view 2

This blue and green ball is a kimekome made on a foam core with pieced fabric sections and sparsely stitched like a temari. The ball really is a sphere, but in the picture and in person, the design distorts perception of the ball, making it appear slightly triangular from certain angles.


Turquoise: a temari and a kimekomi temari hybrid

For some reason, turquoise was the color of choice when I made these balls. I started the temari and ran out of silver thread and was unable to finish until I bought more a couple days later, so I moved on to making another kimekomi temari.

temari #7

temari #7

This C10 temari was a bit challenging for me to make since it required the use of pins where the silver stars connect to keep the tension correct until the stars were connected. Otherwise, if I pulled too tightly, then the stars would have been too small or lopsided. I am not very fond of pins and this project reinforced that sentiment. The silver thread kept catching on pinheads, even though I kept them pushed in most of the way.

When the silver thread ran out before the ball was done, I was ready for a break and switched to making another of my hybrid balls.

kimekomi temari hybrid #3

kimekomi temari hybrid #3

Three different hand dyed turquoise fabrics were used in this hybrid ball. Bits of other colors in the fabrics are reflected in the thread colors. The kimekomi is a C8 division and the temari is a C8 division. Turquoise crochet thread was braided and used for the thread marking lines. I rather like the heavier line look on this ball and plan on experimenting with different weights and different braids.

Kimekomi Temari Hybrid #2

kimekomi temari hybrid #2 top view

This ball is on a 6″ diameter Styrofoam ball. The kimekomi design in fabric is based on S8 division and the temari design with thread and yarn is based on a S16 division.

kimekomi temari hybrid #2 side view

kimekomi temari hybrid #2 side view

The color palette for this ball started as just neutrals with tans, greys and black with gold, but the green snuck in with the little green dots in the spirals on one of the fabrics. Green needed to be the accent color so green yarn was introduced, but the green yarn has a multicolored metallic thread running through it. So this yarn opened the door for the cream colored yarn with the same multicolored metallic thread in it too.

The original plan to use only the variegated grey and tan yarn would have produced a dull and uninteresting ball.

The north and south poles where the marking threads intersect create an interesting spoke design that looked unfinished. By adding the gold star design at the poles, it visually and literally ties the groups of threads together. To balance the gold at the poles, add interest to the equator or obi, and to bundle the crossing threads together neatly, gold thread was added to the obi ribbon.

By using a kimekomi base for a temari design, this allowed for changes in the background by having blocks of two alternating colors show through the open spaces rather than a solid color background. This changes how the thread/yarn colors on the top interact with the background. This means there are more design opportunities with being able to have a background other than a solid one.

Kimekomi Temari Ball Hybrid

kimekomi temari ball hybrid

kimekomi temari ball hybrid

What if the techniques for making a kimekomi ball and a temari ball are combined? In my internet research, I could not find any, so I set out to make one. This kimekomi temari ball hybrid is the result.

This is a combination of a C4 kimekomi and a C8 temari. The base is a 3″ soft foam
ball with C4 grooves cut into the surface and each area separately covered in a
single layer of a cotton/polyester quilt batting. Two colors of hand dyed
fabric, purple and bronze, are used to cover the ball. Cream colored satin
ribbon covers the grooves. A C8 pattern is a marked with gold colored thread,
which is also used for most of the decorative stitching and a little cream colored
thread to finish it.

I enjoyed designing and making this kimekomi temari ball and I am pleased with the results. I will definitely be making more of these; exploring how to capitalize on
both techniques.