Temari #100- a mini c10

This is my 100th temari that I have made.

temari 100 view 2

It is a mini c10 stitched with embroidery floss (single, double and triple strands) and perle cotton #8. The perle cotton is hand dyed.

temari 100 view 1

It is 1 1/4″ in diameter.







4 thoughts on “Temari #100- a mini c10

  1. Your temari is delightful as always. I love your creativity.

    Thanks for sharing. I have rolled four balls at 1″ to send to Barb Seuss. I was considering a c10. Now I Will for sure.



    • Cheryl,
      Thank you for you kind words.
      A mini c10 is challenging.
      I recommend using small, short pins for measuring and marking. Although I did a good job of measuring, the lines did a good job of wandering too. So, if after marking the ball you see an intersection that needs adjusting, then take a pin and place it next to an intersection a gently pry it over in the direction you wish it to go.
      Even with making adjustments, this temari is far from perfectly uniform, but that is okay with me as I did the best I could for a mini.
      Have fun,

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