Bored on a Rainy Day

No, not me. I am stitching on a temari. It is my dog.

As you can see, someone was politely asking for attention. I thought she was just bored on a rainy day: no sunshine to bathe in and all the lovely scents on the ground washed away, plus she does not like to get wet.

bored puppy 1

Well, polite and patient did not work, so she became a bit more insistent.

bored puppy 2

She tipped my pillow top temari workstation and sent my temari ball rolling. That got my attention. And she was not just bored, she wanted the popcorn that was on the kitchen counter. From her perspective, popcorn is far more interesting than a thread ball.

Of course I had to cater to her wishes.

Because of her, you get a preview of the current temari that is almost done.


3 thoughts on “Bored on a Rainy Day

  1. That temari looks really interesting! I can’t wait to see the finished product. I love the sheepish look on your dog’s face – so cute!

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