Temari 49

Temari 49 is another experiment. I had been wanting to try an embroidered tulle fabric on a temari and found two very nice pieces at the fabric store a couple days ago.

temari 49

temari 49

After marking the ball, the fabric was appliqued to the surface. The purple bands were stitched with a dark purple bamboo/silk yarn, covering the edges of the tulle fabric. Next, French knots were added to the center of each of the flowers using a salmon pink perle cotton thread.  Then, each square was outlined with a chain stitch and a triangle within each triangle were stitched using a salmon pink bamboo/silk yarn.

There is always something new to learn when experimenting. The lesson I learned from using tulle on temari is that the edges of the tulle needs to be carefully sewn stitches close together so that edge is tight against the ball so it won’t poke up through any threads laid over it.

I am looking forward to trying the other tulle fabric that has a ribbon yarn stitched to the surface. With what I learned on this one, hopefully the next one with tulle will be a little easier.


One thought on “Temari 49

  1. Kalia…..what a brilliant idea. Who ever would have thought of using tulle. I can see what you mean about the edges peeking through the thread. The idea of pink and purple colours look so nice. The white flowers make a really pretty, and summery, touch. Thank you for sharing his temari with us. BTW I have some really fine tulle here with gold spider webs on it…yes Halloween planning you might like. Let me know, and it will be in the mail for you asap. 🙂 Great work

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