Two Repurposed Sewing Projects

Wishing for an ottoman and not being able to find one that I liked, led me to repurpose a milk crate.


What I was looking for was a foot rest with storage space under the cushion. We had an old wood milk crate that was hidden away in a closet that was just the right height with a cushion on top.

The wonderful tapestry fabric was left over from recovering a set of dining room chairs and some scrap lumber in the attic made the base of the cushion. So the only purchase was the 2″ thick foam. The inside is yet to be lined. It will get a lining like the one made for the picnic basket shown below.

picknick basket 1

This sturdy picnic basket was given to me by a friend. It has found a new purpose by being a project basket that I can tote around the house and keep my current sewing project materials tidily within reach of where ever I am parked.

To give the inside a smooth interior that won’t snag threads like the wood does, I made a removable liner. Fabric was stitched to a very stiff stabilizer (Peltex) to make a liner that fits snuggly inside the basket. The liner is stiff enough that it stands on its own so does not need to be attached to the picnic basket.

picknick basket 2

A peek inside the basket shows the liner and my latest temari that I am working on.


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