Cashmere Handbag- for a friend

With a handbag sized hole cut out of a felted cashmere coat, there was still plenty of fabric leftover to make another hand bag. Don’t worry, this beautiful coat was saved from being thrown away since it was riddled with moth holes which, when the coat was felted, disappeared. Of course it was no longer any good as a coat because it went from a size sixteen down to a very snug size six.

The only problem with trying to make a large bag from this coat was having to work around seams since the coat was nicely shaped with princess seams.

cashmere bag 2

By cutting out 2″ and 4″ squares and then piecing them together, not only did it create a larger piece of fabric to work with, but created an interesting pattern. The squares were sewn together the same way that the first bag was pieced.

This bag was made as a surprise for a friend and I did not know what length strap she would prefer, so I made the strap adjustable. On the inside, I added several features that I thought she might find useful: an open pocket, a zipper pocket and two D-rings.

cashmere bag 2 inside

When I made a handbag for myself a couple years ago, I added two D-rings to the inside for attaching things like keys with a clip such as a carabiner. It prevents the frustrating search for keys that migrate to the bottom of the bag. I also use one of the D-rings to hook grocery bags onto (the kind that fold up and stuff into tiny bags that have a clip on them) I have enjoyed this so much that I deemed it an essential handbag feature. The D-rings could also be used to hook a cell phone or glasses cases to them as well.

I have yet to give it to her, so it remains to be seen what she thinks of it.


4 thoughts on “Cashmere Handbag- for a friend

  1. Your friend is one very lucky lady. I really like the pattern chosen for this bag. The idea of the 2 D-rings is very special. I never thought of hanging glasses (sun or reading) on one, but that is an excellent idea. Yes, the keys hung on the other one is a great plan also.
    Lucky is your friend. I am so sure she will be so happy with your gift.

    • Thank you for commenting.
      The recipient is a good friend who has put up with me for many years, is always generous, and is very supportive of my art endeavors. So, I am the lucky one.
      About the bag, there is no pattern as the design was based on size of fabric pieces available and design details were based on function. It was fun to make.

  2. The friend is overwhelmed. The photo does not do justice to the design, color and most importantly the workwomanship. The eccentric quilter’s designs and detailed and sophisticated craftswomanship must be seen in person.

    Thank you, EQ, I am so lucky to have your as my friend and my own personal artist to visit and enjoy!!

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