Temari with a Jingle not a Jangle

Finally, I figured out how to make a bell box for the core of a temari that had a nice bell sound to it without a rattle sound of the bell rolling around. Simple: don’t have a bell rolling around. But, if the bell has anything touching it, it muffles the sound. Hmm, had to think about that.

My first homemade bell box was a ping pong ball with a bell shoved inside through a cut in the side. Holes had to be made in the balls surface to allow the sound to come out, but more jangle than jingle was audible. I kept the basic idea, just tied the bells down to the inner surface of the ball.

The following are the steps I used to make my temari core bell box with a jingle instead of a jangle. You are welcome to use my idea.

You will need:

Ping pong

small bells

heavy thread (crochet thread works well)

large sharp needle

larger tapestry needle

electric tape

small piece of felt

craft knife

bell box 1

1.  Holes were made randomly in the surface of the ball using a sharp needle, then a larger blunt tapestry needle was used to enlarge the holes. More holes equal more sound escaping chamber.

bell box 2

2. Using a craft knife, a slit was carefully cut along the seam. It is thicker on the seam so when the ball is taped back together, it keeps its shape better than if cut off the seam where it is thinner and softer.

bell box 3

3. Insert the sharp needle thread with crochet thread through one of the hole and out the slit.

bell box 4

4. Cut a piece of felt to about the size of the bell. Stitch through the felt, through the loop on the back of the bell and back through the felt.

bell box 55. Bring the thread back through the slit and out a hole near the first hole that the thread came in. Shove the bell into the ball. For this ball, I added two more bells using the same method. I spaced them apart so that they would not touch each other.

bell box 8

6. Using the tapestry needle, the dented inside can be pushed back out.

bell box 6

7. Cut a piece of the electrical tape long enough to cover the slit. Cut the piece in half down the length to make it narrower.

bell box 7

8. The thread ends were pulled tight and then tied off. A dab of glue was placed on the knot just to make sure it did not come untied. It is ready to become the jingle in a temari.


4 thoughts on “Temari with a Jingle not a Jangle

  1. Kalia, you would have been an excellent engineer. Very clever way to insure good sound with low costs materials. Karen

    • Thank you Karen. I guess in my own way, it is basic engineering design processes that I apply to art to find solutions. Never thought much about the comparison until your comment prompted me to look up the definition of an engineer. Kalia

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