Temari 38

This temari did not go as planned, but in a good kind of way. I had envisioned one thing and as I was working, I decided it needed to be something else.

This temari is a C8 division stitched with  perle cotton threads which I have hand dyed.

temari 38

The plan was to stitch four pointed stars in each of the six “squares” on the ball, with each point of the star going out to a corner in the square. For those, I used a blue and green hand dyed variegated thread that was dark enough to have a good value contrast with the light green background thread that the ball is wrapped with. Being on a ball, they are really not square since the sides bow out, but easier to call them that.

Then the next step was going to be stitching another layer of four pointed stars centered on top of those but each turned so that the points go out to the sides and their points overlap with the adjacent stars.

Instead, I opted for a suggestion of the second layer of stars with bright green, but under instead of on top of the dark stars. I used the same green to outline the dark stars to give them more dimension and to tie the color back into the other layer.

The green ball was one of about half a dozen that I made one day a couple months  ago with the idea that I could have ready to stitch balls of different sizes and colors. That way, if I have a sit and wait situation like at a doctors office or waiting to pick up my son after a class, then before leaving the house, I can grab some thread and a ball out of a basket, stuff it in a small tote bag and go.

For this ball, I marked the ball that morning with the light blue thread before leaving the house, then got about half of the stitching done at the doctor’s office. For me, temari make nice portable projects that provide a pleasant way to pass waiting time.





2 thoughts on “Temari 38

  1. Kalia….the colours in this Temari make me think of bright spring coloured skies, and the grass that is waiting to come back to life. It looks so light and easy on the eyes. I love how the work you did went from what you thought you wanted, into what the item itself had in mind. I really like when the mind and the art join in creating the end result. Very, very pretty. 🙂

    • Thank you for the lovely compliment. I have been ready for spring for a while now and am glad that we are finally seeing the new growth of spring. I wonder if I unconsciously chose the green for that reason.

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