Annual Quilt Guild Meeting

On Saturday, I attended the Richmond Quilt Guild’s annual quilt guild meeting for all of our guild chapters. Each chapter had a table set up to show off some of their beauties.

bits and pieces table

hospitality table

not sure whose table

not sure whose table 2

friendship circle table

james river heritage quilters

Yes, those are temari you see at one of the tables. I was asked if I would show some of my temari on our chapter’s table. The two small quilts in front and center are also mine.

temari and quilts at guild meeting

Getting ready for our guild quilt show coming up later this year, a few members from each chapter made don’t touch quilt signs which of course are quilts.

don't touch 5

don't touch 4

don't touch 3

don't touch 2

The one I made is in the center row, slightly to the right of center: white dog on yellow background with words “Pet dogs…not quilts!” I designed the quilt in Word on the computer, using a copyright free image, and then printed on fabric. I used pastel dye stick to color the image background.

don't touch 1

There were many attendees, but that is just a small fraction of the total number of members from all the chapters.

guild meeting big picture

There was the usual business part of the meeting with each chapter giving a report for their chapter including such things as programs, finances, charitable giving, etc. Throughout the morning, there were many door prizes from gift certificates to fabric stores to lovely items such as the tote sitting on the floor in the foreground of the picture above. Of course there was a pot luck luncheon with a fabulous array of homebaked goodies. I did not get to stay to hear the guest speaker as I had to go somewhere else.


3 thoughts on “Annual Quilt Guild Meeting

  1. What extraordinary quilts the chapters showed on their tables. Our guild’s talent never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for posting the photos, Kalia.

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