Hand Dyed Threads and Two New Temari

My son’s science project required dyeing of fabric, which meant we had to take out  all the dye stuff. After he was done, I decided to leave it out and dye some threads in different weights and colors, with quite a few being variegated.

I really like how variegated threads add interest to temari and quilts. I used to buy variegated threads to couch on quilts, now that I have a source for white thread to dye, I will just dye what I want. Besides, it is fun to do.

hand dyed cotton and rayon threads

Here are two temari sporting hand dyed threads.

temari 36

The variegated thread is the only hand dyed in the one above. It is a simple 8 division of the ball with braided or ribbed stitching using single threads.

temari 37

Wanting to explore the braided or ribbed stitching some more, I created this C8 (complex 8 division) ball. The triangles were stitched from the outside to half way to their centers using the variegated thread. Then purple thread was used to stitch the squares in the same manner, but interweaving with the other thread where they cross over. There was a small gap along the marking lines, so I wrapped the ball with two double thread bands that weave through the center of the woven squares.

The whole ball was stitched with doubled thread. It was very tedious trying to keep the threads flat and untwisted, especially when it got down to the last few rows of weaving. I persevered and finished it. It was a good project to take my mind off of being miserable with a sinus infection.

Both the variegated and the “solid” purple are hand dyed. The purple is not really a true solid as it has slight variations in value. If the fibers, whether fabric or thread, are not agitated during the dye process, then the colors will be uneven and not leveled out to be solid. Solid is easy enough to come by at the store, but I tend to lean towards the almost solid and the variegated in preference.

I am sure there will be lots of temari with hand dyed threads in my future and quilts too. These are nice weights to either hand stitch with or to couch with the sewing machine.


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