Knot Quilt Not Done

knot quilt- just the top

knot quilt- just the top

The design for this quilt was made using the Perlin Knot Generator. This is an online widget that is fun to play with. To start and stop the animation, you press “toggle animation”. I made a bunch of designs by randomly selecting the toggle button and then used a snipping tool to capture and save the images. From a couple of the designs in this quilt, I rearranged some elements to create my own design.

This quilt top has been hanging on my design wall above my sewing machine, teasing me every time I come to get supplies for making a new temari. I think is begging to be finished. Sometimes what goes on the back  of one of my quilts is suggested by what is on the front or how it is going to be quilted. I just have not thought that far ahead, but….

Hmm, an idea about knots has popped into my head. I’m thinking it will be a combination of machine quilting and hand ties (then the knot quilt will have another kind of knot).

I think that at least basting the top to batting and backing won’t put to much strain on the injured elbow, so I will hopefully get that done over the weekend. I just have not decided what to do for the backing.

About the quilt top: It is a whole cloth. The design was traced with a graphite pencil onto the fabric using my homemade light box. I used some fabric markers. They worked fairly well, but had a tendency for the color to pool wherever I started, stopped, or paused, hence the lack of uniformity of line width. At first this bothered me, now it doesn’t. I think it was this issue combined with me new infatuation with making temari that drew me away from finishing this quilt. To fill in the lines, I used pastel dye sticks. And for the background pastel dye sticks were used to make rubbing of oak leaf hydrangea leaves and rubbings of a basket weave texture plate meant for embossing.

Now, it is time to move on and make progress towards finishing it.


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