Temari 30

temari 30

This temari was made for someone whose only request was that it be blue and since it is winter, blue sky and snowflakes with intertwined pentagons and hexagons was the creative response to otherwise unlimited options.

To create the design for this temari, the surface was divided into 16 faces. It is based on a truncated triakis tetrahedron, which is a convex polyhedron with 16 faces: 4 sets of 3 pentagons arranged in a tetrahedral arrangement with 4 hexagons in the gaps. It is also a Johnsons solid near-miss polyhedron with pentagons that are not quite regular.

This is one of my favorite temari that I have made. I find that things I make with someone in mind are some of my better pieces and I believe that is because there is something about the person that gives me focus.


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