Temari 29- or the recalcitrant temari

a recalcitrant temari

a recalcitrant temari

This is a 2 3/4″ diameter temari with16 faces (4 hexagons and 12 pentagons) from a c6 temari. The thread used for marking is Sulky metallic sewing machine thread and threads used for stitching are Paton’s cardinal red cotton #3 4 ply split into 2 ply, Premier Yarn’s pink punch Spangle yarn. The background yarn is actually purple even though my camera refused to see it that way.

This was a recalcitrant temari. The ball wanted to stay lumpy no matter how hard I worked on it and the stars had to be redone 1 1/2 times. I gave up on the lumpy so it is still slightly lumpy. Redoing the stars was a must: first for poor choice of yarn and second because of mistake. My first yarn choice, which was silver spangle yarn, looked too chunky and clumsy. When redoing the stars in silver thread and I was almost done, I realized that I had forgotten to double the threads in the last half of stars. I found that adding another layer of thread did not look good because the threads were separated in layers, so had to rip and resew with doubled thread.


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