A Couple More Temari and a Hybrid Too

temari 25

The red temari was supposed to a Christmas mari, but it did morphed into its own thing. I will still have another go at a mari with traditional Christmas colors of red and green. I’m thinking that the same design of interlocking triangles combined with green marking lines instead of silver with the addition of a few lines to make pine needles and something inside the triangle space (not sure yet) would make a fine Christmas ornament.

temari 19 view 1

Purple is a friend’s favorite color. This was a thank you gift for his patient help.

kimekome & temari hybrid 4 view 2

This blue and green ball is a kimekome made on a foam core with pieced fabric sections and sparsely stitched like a temari. The ball really is a sphere, but in the picture and in person, the design distorts perception of the ball, making it appear slightly triangular from certain angles.


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