Two Temari- with Healing Prayers Inside Each

Temari for Thomas

Temari for Thomas

Temari for Dad

Temari for Dad

Since both the son of a good friend and my father are currently in hospitals for different reasons, I decided to make them each a temari. The idea for putting a prayer inside came from a discussion in the Temari Challenge group that I joined. One of the members said she put prayers folded into hearts at the center of the ball.

I make charity quilts for pediatric oncology patients, but it did not occur to me to make temari for someone as a comfort item until I read her post about prayers in the heart of her temari. Then it gave the idea to make  temari with a healing prayer as a comfort item.

Both balls have the same background color and almost the same design, but color and texture change the personalities.


5 thoughts on “Two Temari- with Healing Prayers Inside Each

  1. These Temari are absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen such a beautiful thing before, and I love your special touch of beginning with a prayer in the center. I’ll be spending time later today looking at your blog in detail. Best wishes for your father and your friend’s son.

    • Thank you for the compliment. I got the idea for a prayer from another member of the Temarichallenge Yahoo group who said she includes one in hers. Both friend’s son and father are doing okay. Friend’s son has to redo medical testing and my Dad had to undergo two more surgeries for which he is recovering better than expected. Hope you enjoy the rest of the blog.

    • I am glad you like the temari. It was love at first sight when I stumbled across them on the internet. Now I have a couple going at a time. They are great portable projects when there is no quilt at a portable stage (you know the embellishing, binding, label, etc.). Let me know if you are interested in learning. Several people have expressed an interest, so I might get a small group together to teach the basics.

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