Turquoise: a temari and a kimekomi temari hybrid

For some reason, turquoise was the color of choice when I made these balls. I started the temari and ran out of silver thread and was unable to finish until I bought more a couple days later, so I moved on to making another kimekomi temari.

temari #7

temari #7

This C10 temari was a bit challenging for me to make since it required the use of pins where the silver stars connect to keep the tension correct until the stars were connected. Otherwise, if I pulled too tightly, then the stars would have been too small or lopsided. I am not very fond of pins and this project reinforced that sentiment. The silver thread kept catching on pinheads, even though I kept them pushed in most of the way.

When the silver thread ran out before the ball was done, I was ready for a break and switched to making another of my hybrid balls.

kimekomi temari hybrid #3

kimekomi temari hybrid #3

Three different hand dyed turquoise fabrics were used in this hybrid ball. Bits of other colors in the fabrics are reflected in the thread colors. The kimekomi is a C8 division and the temari is a C8 division. Turquoise crochet thread was braided and used for the thread marking lines. I rather like the heavier line look on this ball and plan on experimenting with different weights and different braids.


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