Kimekomi Temari Ball Hybrid

kimekomi temari ball hybrid

kimekomi temari ball hybrid

What if the techniques for making a kimekomi ball and a temari ball are combined? In my internet research, I could not find any, so I set out to make one. This kimekomi temari ball hybrid is the result.

This is a combination of a C4 kimekomi and a C8 temari. The base is a 3″ soft foam
ball with C4 grooves cut into the surface and each area separately covered in a
single layer of a cotton/polyester quilt batting. Two colors of hand dyed
fabric, purple and bronze, are used to cover the ball. Cream colored satin
ribbon covers the grooves. A C8 pattern is a marked with gold colored thread,
which is also used for most of the decorative stitching and a little cream colored
thread to finish it.

I enjoyed designing and making this kimekomi temari ball and I am pleased with the results. I will definitely be making more of these; exploring how to capitalize on
both techniques.


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