Temari and Kimekomi Balls

If you love to learn like I do, then you never have to worry about a shortage of new things to learn about. I particularly enjoy learning new skills. Internet is an excellent resource for sites with tutorials in both written and video format.

With internet, it is even easier to make discoveries. When searching for one thing, the search inevitably leads to other related topics that are intriguing. With the incredible amount of information available on internet, it is often difficult to pare down topics to pursue to just a few, the most compelling.

I forgot what I was looking up a few days ago when I came across Japanese Temari balls. There is plenty of information on the internet about their history and how to make them, so I will not go into either. I found many websites with images of these beautiful embroidered thread balls, including one by Barbara Suess, who has written a couple books on the subject. While on her site, I noticed that her list of books she has authored included one on kimekomi balls.

temari ball 1

temari ball 1

This lead to more internet research on this new topic.

I had just finished my first temari ball, which has a base layer of white on which two shades of purple, gold and silver threads are added to create the geometric designs. Although the design is my own, I don’t doubt that there is probably one similar to it somewhere since this is an ancient traditional folk art that has become popular.

As I literally finished wrapping up the temari ball, I started a kimekomi ball. The designs on Kimekomi balls are made with fabric instead of thread. For this one, black yarn was used to accent the “seams” or lines between color areas to give it a stained glass appearance. Again, this is my own design, but it has probably been done by some else.

kimekomi ball 1

kimekomi ball 1

The design qualities for both temari balls and kimekomi balls are similar to patchwork quilt designs with geometric division of areas that are filled with different colors, but in 3D.


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