Canvas Sketchbook Cover and Mini Tote

There was a large piece of tan canvas occupying space in one of my fabric boxes. It is plain and not very attractive on its own. When making a sketchbook cover for my son, I trimmed it in black and it looked attractive.

Then I made a sketchbook cover for myself, and wanted one a little different, so I embellished the surface with bright colored threads. I used the black trim again.

canvas sketchbook cover

canvas sketchbook cover

There were two small pieces of the stich embellished canvas left, so I made a mini tote. This got dressed up with some trim that I inherited from my grandmother many years ago.

canvas mini tote

canvas mini tote

There is still more blank tan canvas left that is just needing surface embellishment. Maybe some printing, couched yarn, applique, or… who knows. I wonder, what’s next?


2 thoughts on “Canvas Sketchbook Cover and Mini Tote

  1. It’s such a great feeling to use up old scraps from your ‘stash’! Your ideas are so creative and useful!

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