Origami Butterfly Pins

origami butterfly pins

origami butterfly pins

When members of our neighborhood garden club came to tour our yard garden, I presented each with an origami butterfly pin as a souvenir to remember their visit. I am sure our unconventional yard was memorable enough, but it was a good excuse to make these lovely pins. Our garden is not just about beautifying our lot, but creating a habitat that is enjoyable for both the local wildlife critters and us humans who also inhabit the land. The pins were intended to be a gift that would remind the visitors that the garden is for the wildlife as well as for humans.

The pattern for Akira Yoshizawa‘s wonderful butterflies can be found on many origami websites on as written instructions or in videos.

origami butterfly pin close-up

Stabilizer was cut into squares and then colored using fabric paints. After the material dried, they were folded, stitched and then wire and beads added for details. The original folding pattern had to be slightly altered to adapt it to a material that is thicker than origami paper, otherwise it would have been too bulky in the head area to work. So, when folding the point for the head, I made it a little shorter than in instructions and then did not add the two extra folds (folding point back over body and then folding back to point forward).

The butterflies were well received.


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