Gift Bag and Tag Sets

gift bag and tag 1

Here are several reusable fabric gift bag and tag sets that I just finished making.

gift bag and tag 2These bags are easy to make. They are made like a pillow case and are tied closed with ribbon. Each bag has a tag with a clear plastic pocket on the back to insert paper label to make the tag reusable. All of the ribbons, except the red one, are made of strips of fabric. To make the ribbons, the fabric is folded in half down the length and pressed with an iron and then the raw edges are over-edge zigzag stitched.

gift bag and tag 3gift bag and tag 4

I hope these inspire you to make reusable bags, tags and ribbons too for gift giving. When you give a gift wrapped in a reusable fabric gift bag, tag and ribbon set, you are also giving another gift- the wrapping. The gift wraps are presents that can be and should be re-gifted. And, you can feel good about reducing the amount of garbage that fills and spoils our land.


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