Making a Re-usable Fabric Gift Tag

blue themed re-usable fabric Christmas gift tags

blue themed re-usable fabric Christmas gift tags

These lovely gift tags are re-usable. The back of each has white fabric for writing on. At least, they are re-usable if you give it to the same person again. We have fabric gift bags we re-use, so why not gift tags?

These tags, along with several other sets and some quilted ornaments, were made as donations to a Christmas ornament sale for which the proceeds go to support a local food bank. It is nice to think that the tags and ornaments will serve double duty of bringing comfort and joy through their sale and their use. I certainly did enjoy making them and I hope you do too.

Re-usabel fabric gift tag

Re-usabel fabric gift tag

This tag was made from fabric left-over from making a red holiday vest for my son. At the top of the post is a set of blue tags in different fabrics.

The material needed:

fabric- white for back, aprox. 3″ x 4″ and decorative fabric for front, aprox. 3″ x 4″

Peltex stabilizer


1. Cut stabilizer to 2″ x 3″. The top two corner are nipped off diagonally 1/2″ in from top and side. See photo of stabilizer on cutting mat.

stabilizer cut to size

stabilizer cut to size

2. Sew stabilizer to white fabric that is about  using a straight stitch very close to edge of stabilizer. I use a zipper foot with the needle set to the right at a short stitch.

tag 4

stitching decorative fabric to stabilizer and back fabric

3. Trim the white fabric even with edge of stabilizer. (1505)

trim white backing fabric

trim white backing fabric

4. Place decorative front fabric wrong side up and then place the stabilizer with white fabric up on top of decorative fabric. Stitch around edge same as in step 2.

stitching decorative fabric to stabilizer

stitching decorative fabric to stabilizer

5. Trim the decorative fabric even with edge of stabilizer.

trim decorative fabric

trim decorative fabric

6. Over-edge stitch all the way around tag using a narrow zigzag stitch, with the stitching just barely going over the edge of the stabilizer. I use an over-edge stitch foot, but it probably not necessary as the stabilizer is stiff enough to prevent the stitching from drawing in the fabric.

edge stitching tag

edge stitching tag

7. After zigzag stitching all the way around, switch the stitch width to slightly wider and the length shorter, to a satin stitch length and then continue stitching around again.

tag 8

satin stitching edge of tag

8. Mark for button hole centered at top and between 1/4″ and 3/8″ in from top edge. This one is approximately 3/8″ wide. For light fabrics, a regular graphite pencil works well, but for dark fabrics, a white coloring pencil works best.

tag 9

marking button hole

9. Stitch button hole.

10. Cut buttonhole hole open. I find that a blade from a craft knife works well.

tag 10

cutting open button hole

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