Waiting for Sandy

While waiting for Sandy to arrive, I got ready for her visit. I did the usual hurricane preparation of making sure we are well stocked with flashlights, lanterns, batteries, candles, matches, potable water, clean laundry, ready-to-eat food, ice, books to read and a hand sewing project to keep me busy.

When our area is hit with a hurricane, there is a high likelihood of losing electricity, therefore the need to have a hand sewing project. I do have an antique treadle sewing machine, but that is not portable, so I can’t take it with me if we go to a library or coffee shop to find a place to warm up (or during summer months- to cool off).

To get my project to the hand sewing stage required a bit of machine stitching, then trimming the seam allowances. The trimmings made a lovely miniature landscape of colorful, curling strips of fabric scraps. I could not resist taking some pictures.

Fabric trimmings

Then to break up the monotony of a tedious job of turning little stitched pieces right-side out, I played on the computer with the images of the fabric trimmings. The photograph above was used to create this virtual quilt on my computer.

Scrap Flower Quilt- a virtual scrap quilt


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