Charity Cuddle Quilt

Charity Cuddle Quilt

This is one of those projects that I let grow with no specific design in mind, just a general finished size. I knew it would be a quilt for a pediatric oncology patient, so it had to be a small cuddle quilt.
This quilt began with several wedge shaped strips of the white, violet and fuchsia fabric from my basket of scraps that caught my attention. The other fabrics were not preselected, just when the quilt needed another color. All the fabrics are hand dyed. The fabric for the backing and binding and the deep violet fabric are purchased and the rest dyed by me.
The first strip of fabric was sandwiched between two strips of the deep violet, then crosscut into smaller pieces with the idea of making the striped fabric small irregular squares surrounded by the deep violet on all four sides. There was not enough of the violet for that idea, so I switched to cutting the pieced strips into blocks. I just found on internet that block pattern is called rail fence.
It was tempting to let the quilting patterns become elaborate, but I decided that keeping it simple would allow me to get it done sooner and would make the vine pattern the more prominent quilt pattern.
Making design decisions on an as-you-go basis does not always produce good results aesthetically; although I think it worked well for this quilt. But, since I have a tendency to preplan quilts down to the last detail, this method does force me to stretch myself creatively and to be more flexible in making design decisions.


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